European Lifelong
Learning In the Earth
Construction Sector


The exciting EU partnership project Learn with Clay brings together twelve organisations across four European countries with the aim of providing vocational development and mobility opportunities for plasterers, trainers and crafts people in the earth construction sector.What we want to do:

• Make it possible for young people across Europe to learn earth construction techniques with our European partners.
• Make it possible for building & plastering specialists to learn and gain vocational qualifications through practical training, workshop and construction-site based, at home and abroad.
• Create and improve training opportunites and qualifications for migrant workers across Europe in the earth construction sector.
• Create a standardised European wide certification and training system implemented and recognised by each country.
• Promote a European-wide exchange of skills and networking in clay plasters and earth construction.

This project recognises the value both of the older apprenticeship systems of the UK and the European Tradition of Craft journeymen and women, whilst linking these with the requirements of the modern world.To achieve this, we aim to standardise certification of the learning outcomes from Level 1 to Level 8 (equivalent to the current NVQ 5) in a system recognised across Europe. The project follows the recommendations of the “European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training” (ECVET) and the “European Qualification Framework” (EQF), creating a full range of learning outcomes in a comparative and transparent manner, and simplifying international mobility and life-long learning opportunities for learners and practitioners across Europe.

The certification will be achievable to experienced crafts people across Europe who can provide evidence of appropriate learning outcomes, skills levels and understanding.

Handbook ECVET Earth Building  for download see http://lernpunktlehm.de/wpll/?page_id=90

more about ECVET Earth Building here