Learn.Earth Partnership II (New members for ECVET Earth Building)

03_2015_07_11_Signing memorandum_72 dpiSigning the new Learn.Earth MoU, Cyprus June 2015

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The LLL project  “LearnwithClay” (2007-2009) and the ongoing project “PIRATE” (2012-2015) have determined and are continuing to determine ECVET learning outcomes for job activities in the earth building sector. These learning outcomes will form a complete ECVET matrix for the earth building sector.  Units of Learning outcomes for ECVET Earthbuilding are now published at PIRATE website, see http://pirate.greenbuildingtraining.eu/public/?page_id=1433.
In 2009 a core group of 8 partners from 4 countries (BG, DE, FR, UK) has agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU LearnWithClay) to apply the European tools ECVET and EQF offering possibilities for learners to take ECVET Earth Building exams.

Read more about ECVET Earthbuilding at http://pirate.greenbuildingtraining.eu/public/
A previous Leonardo Partnership project LearnWithClay (2 010-2012), has deepened and enlarged the MoU-Partnership and developed recommendations and tools for VET providers and assessors to apply ECVET Earth Building.
As a result of this a growing number of VET providers are interested to participate in the MoU-Partnership LearnWithClay aiming to integrate sustainable building techniques in their training programme and offering qualified learning outcome-orientated certificates. Correspondingly learners are looking for training and experience in natural building techniques across Europe, which results in  transparent and transferable certificates.

New Members for ECVET Earth Building – Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project

The Project New members for ECVET Earth Building” (LearnWithClay partnership II ) , Project No. 2013-1-DE2-LEO04-16101, adjusted the existing MoU-contract LearnWithClay to meet this growing interest, to open it to new VET providers. Nine organisations and VET providers coming from 8 countries (Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and United Kingdom) collaborated with the aim,

  • to support activities to disseminate and apply ECVET Earth Building.
  • to offer possibilities for new partners to be introduced to the agreed quality standards.
  • to encourage learners in geographical mobility to participate in ECVET Earth Building exams.
  • to encourage training providers, to offer assessments for ECVET Earth Building learning outcomes
  • to support trainers and assessors to apply ECVET in the Earth Building Sector

Learners of the European School of Earth Building (Germany) have been participating in ECVET exams at our partner organisations abroad within this project, while learners of the partner countries participated in ECVET exams both at the European school of Earthbuilding and the BSZ-LL in Germany.

Participating Organisations

1. FAL e.V. /European School of Earthbuilding, Germany,  www.earthbuilding.eu
2. Berufliche Schule Leipziger Land – BSZLL/ Germany, www.bsz-leipziger-land.de
3. VERNUM/ Poland,  vernum@vernum.pl, www.naturalnetynkowanie.pl
4. Sdruzení hlineného stavitelství, o.s./Czech Republic, www.hlina.info/
5. Hoblina e.c/ Slovakia, borho44@gmail.com
6. Batipole/ France,  www.batipolelimouxin.com
7. Strawbuild/UK,  http://www.strawbuild.org
8. ESTEPA – Estudios Sobre Tierra: Energía, Patrimonio y Ambiente/Spain, www.estepa.org
9. Between the lines/ Cyprus, www.betweenthelines.com.cy

 ECVET Earthbuilding UNITS of Learning Outcomes

The Project “New members for ECVET Earth building” opened the chance, to introduce ECVET Learning outcomes in the Earth building training sector in Cyprus and Spain. To this end the partners translated selected Earth building Units of Learning outcomes into Spanish and Greek, the language of the new partner countries.

ESTEPA, the Spanish partner,  was taking part in PIRATE project -finishing on September 30th 2015- where they have lead the BRICK Working Group and directly participated in the merging and final content of the new Martix of Units ECVET Earth Building. This enlarged ECVET actual system for earth building contains the new PIRATE Units, the existing LearnWithClay ones, and the new merged shared units. For details visit http://pirate.greenbuildingtraining.eu/public/?page_id=1433

While PIRATE focused in EQF levels 3 to 6, LearnWithClay did in levels 1 to 4, so we have units in four levels in every case except in one: Unit M – Raw Material Preparation -former U1- is after the merging process a complete Unit from levels 1 to 6 (1 and 2 only for plasters). That’s why ESTEPA selected these two levels 1 and 2 for translation: now the whole existing M data is available in Spanish. The translation is not literal but follows the language used in the new ECVET EARTH BUILDING system, integrating these new levels as a part of it.

download ECVET Units M  EQF-Level 1 and 2 in Spanish language (Spanish Introduction)_

The Cypriot Partner Between the lines translated the ECVET UNIT M Level 1-4 into Greek language

download  ECVET Units M_EQF Level 1-4_Greek language (English introduction)

ECVET Certificates in Education and Training for Earth Building

download  Presentation Learn.Earth ECVET Earthbuilding

Documentation  ECVET Earth Building Conference

12. März 2015, BTZ HWK Schwerin
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Presentations for downlaod

ECVET Earth Building in Slovakia 2012-2015
Weiterbildung im Lehmbau
Das europäische Lehmbaunetzwerk

ECVET Earth Building Database

Up till now more than 300 Learn.Earth certificates (former LearnWithClay Certificates) have been issued.

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Learn.Earth Memorandum of Understanding

The project worked out a new Memorandum of Understanding. The new MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) is intended to be an agreement between organisations offering education, training and/or assessment in the earth building sector.
The partners agreed on the requirements for outcome based education and training, and for assessing ECVET earth building learning outcomes as defined by the partners of the following EU Projects:

  • Lernpunkt Lehm – Ein europäisches System zur Identifizierung, Bewertung und Anerkennung von Kompetenzen im Lehmbau, Project No: DE/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/147057 (2007-2009)
  • LearnWithClay Partnership, Project No: 2010-1-DE2-LEO04-04702-1 (2010-2012)
  • PIRATE – Provide Instructions and Resources for Assessment and Training in Earthbuilding,
    Project no: 528117-LLP-1-2012-FR-LEONARDO-LMP (2012-2015)
  • New Partners for ECVET Earth Building, Project No: 2013-DE2-LEO04-16101 1 (2013-2015)

This new memorandum replaces the MoU LearnWithClay, which was originally signed by 10 founding organisations in 2009 and has since expanded.

bullet_pfeilMemorandum of Understanding Learn.Earth, 2nd edition, July 7th 2015 for download

bullet_pfeilProcedure for Joining and Leaving the Learn.Earth Partnership for download

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bullet_pfeilConsent for Admittance  for download

bullet_pfeilContract New Partner Entering for download

bullet_pfeilPast and Future of ECVET Earth building for download


Pilotexam 2008: ECVET Exam Unit 1 clay plaster mortar

Photos of our Meetings (selection)

Bilderbogen Wangelin

Bilderbogen Brno

Bilderbogen Palencia    Cooperation meeting with project  PIRATE

Bilderbogen Nicosia

Uta Herz, FAL e.V., European School of Earth Building, www.earthbuilding.eu, herz[at]earthbuilding.eu

lifelong Learning ProgrammeDas Projekt  New members for ECVET Earth Building (Project No: 2013-1-DE2-LEO04-161011 ) wird mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission im Programm für Lebenslanges Lernen, Leonardo da Vinci Partnerschaften, finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt tragen allein die Verfasser und Verfasserinnen; die Kommission haftet nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben.