CD Clay Plaster

CD Clay Plaster

CD Lehmputze und Gestaltung
CD Clay Plaster

The  CD contains training and learning tools for the course “Designer in clay plastering”. In English and German language. Session plans for theoretical and practical training, info sheets, exercise sheets, texts including numerous illustrations and photos. More than 500 pages to be printed, 31 photo galleries for illustration,  index containing 217 items.

The session of the modules of the Training course Clay Plaster and Design as published on the CD-Rom.

Module 1: Basics and skill development
Sustainable construction : Indoor room climate : Indoor rendering systems : Building site : Structural damage to earth renderings : Commercially available products : Exterior renderings : Basic properties of earth : Determining the mixture : Preparing the underlying surfaces : Selecting a rendering structure : Stabilised mortars and washes : Preparation of the underlying surfaces : Applying single-layer renderings : Finishing colours : Final treatment of surfaces : Earth as a raw material : Earth mortars for rendering

Module 2: Desgin
A journey through time and techniques : Clay plaster design : Colour symbolism : Colour ordering : Colour contrasts : Ornamentation : The effects of colour : Material and surface : interior design with colour : Exploration of earth as a material : Colouring of clay plasters : Making sample panels : Coloured fine clay plasters : Sgraffito techniques : Modelling techniques : Colour combinations in interiors : Design techniques with clay plaster : Interior design with clay plaster

Module 3: Marketing

The Market : Distribution policy 1 : Pricing and Quality 1 : Corporate Identity : Distribution policy 2 : Pricing and Quality 2 : Talking to clients : Best practice : Summary

The CD is also available in Bulgarian, French, Greek and Polish langage.

New: Now also in Czech, Slovak and Slovene language

and in Estonian, Finnish and Swedish ( available on USB Flash Drive).

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