Wangeliner Workcamps

bild_3vom Zeichner festgehalten

Präsentation zum Projekt Wangeliner Workcamps anläßlich der ESF Tour in Güstrow am Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Tag 2016

siehe auch den Kurzfilm mit Bericht zu den Wangeliner Workcamps


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Learn.Earth – Across Europe and Beyond

Titelfoto Learn.Earth Video FINAL_160dpiAt the 1. European Earth Building Gathering in Lyon representatives from more than 20 countries meet to exchange about Earth building practise across Europe and Beyond and to discuss future cooperation.  Earth building acitivities from Iceland to Cyprus, from Portugal to Estonia have been presented. The new Learn.Earth Memorandum of Understanding has now been signed by the partner organisations. The Learn.Earth partnership now invites you to join the Learn.Earth community. View our promotional film.

Learn more about ECVET Earthbuilding and how to join the partnership at

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Podręcznik tynkowania gliną i wapnem

5cb6a23b1c83ba133b6cfaac8246492a82b9e8d7We are happy to announce, that the publication “Lehm- und Kalkputze” by Irmela Fromme and Uta Herz has now been translated into Polish langugage and published by COHABITAT.

Our thanks to COHABITAT, the translator Zygmunt Bieliński and corrector Wojciech Owczarzak.

Podręcznik tynkowania gliną i wapnem

Autor: Irmela Fromme, Uta Herz (tłum: Zygmunt Bieliński, meryt. Wojciech Owczarzak)